KBR — DSEi Exhibition

DSEi is the world's largest defence exhibition bringing together 25,000 delegates to experience the capabilities of 1,300 companies from 40 countries over four days. Our objective was to make KBR really stand out from the crowd and to ensure that carefully targeted delegates understood KBR's essential role for the armed services in life support, R&R, welfare and logistics and then turn that understanding into a desire to find out more.

From the outside the booth looked like a typical Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan. The contrasting interior contained eight separate mini exhibition booths, a table-top capabilities model, AV support, catering and a war-art gallery. The upper floor was reserved for private meetings. KBR were able to confirm and extend relationships with existing customers and begin relationships with new.

A good example of how to leverage maximum return at a global event.

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An integrated and creative solution.

On Screen delivered what they promised — great strategic and operational advice, meticulous planning, complex logistics support and attention to detail. The team provided us with an integrated and creative solution, allowing KBR to stand out by a country mile from the competition.