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The pros of working with a specialist creative agency

As the New Year approaches and thoughts turn to how to manage future design projects, many of our clients are wondering if they need a bit of extra help — but should they bring in a freelance designer for a quick-fix, or go the whole hog and consider hiring a creative agency who can work with them long-term?

The assumption is that it’s easier — and often more cost-efficient — to bring in a freelancer but this is not always the reality. Whilst it seems smarter to go with a freelancer if you need some relatively simple design work undertaken, it’s worth bearing in mind that freelancers tend to specialize in only one or two areas — very few have all the skills necessary to deliver a complex project such as logo development or brand consultancy, nor will they have the time or resources to implement best practice for all areas of design.

A creative agency, however, will have a team of designers ready (and able) to start work on a project. Typically, different elements of a project will be assigned to team members that specialize in their respective roles — and critically, with each individual part of the project being worked on by a specialist, projects often come together faster and require fewer revisions… thereby taking up less of the client’s valuable time.

On the budget side of things, our clients often report that going with freelancers ends up costing them more than expected. In many cases, they have to hire a host of separate freelancers to work on different aspects of a project. This process is often complicated and always time consuming, with the client having to act as project manager instead of focusing on their day job. Hiring multiple freelancers means the client ends up paying multiple service providers and can also cost more in the long run due to delays and revision costs.

At OSP, we believe that, when it comes to more important projects, going with an agency makes sense, with collaborative efforts typically garnering far better results than projects handled by one individual. We offer our clients a dedicated Account Manager who will be the main point of contact, leading a team carefully selected to best suit the project and ensuring it stays on track and within budget. The Account Manager will also work closely with our Creative Director to make sure that all parts of a client’s visual branding are consistent and presented correctly.

Design is one of OSP’s core services and is at the heart of everything we do. We combine creative flair with clear strategic thinking to ensure our clients’ key messages are exciting the right audiences.

From brand consultancy, conceptual design, logo development and positioning workshops to the production of bespoke illustrations, photography and materials, we ensure your campaigns are delivered with impact and clarity.

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