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Holospex 3D glasses

Feast your eyes on this spectacle

What is it?

HoloSpex™ 3D glasses use patented holographic lenses to bend light, producing the optical illusion of a magical pattern from every point of light — allowing images and logos to spring to life, creating a visual spectacle and a lasting impression.

How does it work?

The patented lenses in the glasses create holographic illusions on any bright source of light. Standard lens effects include snowflakes, smiling faces, stars and hearts but — and this is where it would work really well in a business environment — customised lenses can also be produced to incorporate a company logo or branded text. The simpler the image, the crisper and brighter the effect. The cardboard frames can also be custom printed to include logos, tear-off coupons, company information and advertising messages.

Why use it?

Relatively low cost but high impact, HoloSpex™ 3D glasses would present an ideal talking point at a gala dinner or corporate launch (i.e. any event where there are sure to be lots of lighting opportunities), or serve as an unusual giveaway at a trade show, adding another dimension to a well lit exhibition booth.

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