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Holospex 3D glasses

Top 5 Indispensable Gadgets For The Business Traveler

Coffee to Go
You are zipping through airports regularly. You will always have a rolling suitcase and a cup of coffee. These facts are non-negotiable. But now you can also have a free hand to answer your phone, play Candy Crush, make some amazing shadow puppets; The possibilities are basically endless.
The Hand-Cranc Charger
Granted, it takes one minute of hand-cranking to give you four minutes of power. But one day you’ll be on a business trip to an Amish community and you’ll thank us then.
Virtual Keyboard
It’s a holographic laser keyboard for your iPad, iPhone or Android. It saves space by not making you carry around an actual keyboard blah blah blah WHO CARES?! LASERS!!! It’s 2015, and we are living the future.
You travel a lot. Therefore, it’s a matter of when, not if, your luggage is accidentally sent to who-knows-where. TrakDot won’t stop that from happening, but it will track your bag’s global adventure in real time so you can retrieve it, or be happy that it’s having a nice time on its own.
Not strictly tech but perfect for keeping all your gadgets safe in your suitcase or carry on! No more worrying about burly baggage handlers or torrid turbulence. Grid-it will secure almost anything in it’s ingenious elastic band.

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