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Aurasma augmented reality

Wellies, wrist bands and enough wet wipes to sink a battleship
— it could only be Glastonbury!

Last week, Team OSP donned their wellies and headed down to Worthy Farm to check out what might transcend the fields to rock the world of corporate comms — all in the name of research, obviously...


Zoning any large area to create distinct spaces is a great idea — a space to learn, a space to chill, a space to interact. Decorate to suit the ambience you want to create and put up plenty of signage.

Visual comedy:

Transcending all language barriers, nothing brings people together like laughter.  Visual, non-verbal acts like ‘Men in Coats’ are still pulling in the crowds.


Modern ballet to a David Bowie soundscape against a backdrop of photographs, movies and text — surreal, beautiful and thrilling.


Mojito anyone? Amazing cocktails from a retro campervan topped with a lovely lady dressed as a bird in a cage.

Pop up food:

Thai, Mexican, Tibetan — or even Welsh Oggies — take your pick of innovative fare and forsake ‘conference chicken’ forever.

The audience is King:

Kanye West is big on self- belief but even the ‘greatest rock star on the planet’ should think about his audience.

Remember when?

The Who and Paul Weller got the crowd on side by reminding people of their shared experiences — before introducing the new stuff.

I woz here:

From wishing trees and chalk boards to hand print paintings — people like to leave their mark.

Face painting:

Fancy a butterfly or a Ziggy Stardust flash? Bring on the glitter and jazz up the faces in the crowd at your gala dinner!