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What's hot in 2016?

What’s Hot In 2016?

Happy New Year everybody! It’s time for the OSP Healthcare ‘what’s hot’ predictions for 2016.


Gene editing: Fixing a cell’s defective DNA instead of pasting in a new gene. The first gene-repair clinical trials, for haemophilia and cancer, are already underway.

Flexible electronics: Research has shifted to flexible electronics and the promise of gizmos such as artificial skin for prosthetics and implantable health monitors.


Iran: Now that the FCO has relaxed its travel advice, Iran is back on the map for adventurous travellers. With its beautiful beaches, incredible food and breath-taking Islamic architecture, the country is set to top the ‘must-visit’ list this year.


iPhone 7: Set to feature a new design, sharper display and wireless charging, it’s rumoured the iPhone7 could also be waterproof — giving hope to those among us who routinely drop their phones down the toilet (and yes, that has happened to OSP)!


Plain & simple: No need to look further than your own wardrobe for 2016’s hottest off-the-runway trend, with the plain white shirt being this year’s must-have fashion piece… phew!


Wearable technology: The ‘Slice’ uses a Personal Activity Intelligence system to show how hard you have pushed yourself. No excuses!


Turn up the heat: Adventurous palates can look forward to ingredients such as dukka, ghost pepper, gochujang and sumac. Cue a Google Image search…


Old-fashioned drinks: Dust off those bottles on the drinks trolley, Campari, Cinzano and Sherry are enjoying a retro renaissance.

And at OSP Healthcare?

New collaborations: New clients, new therapy areas, new technology — exciting times!