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Virtual whiteboard tool makes real-time collaboration easy

A new virtual whiteboard tool is set to change the way we workshop by allowing real-time collaboration between several people at any one time.

What is it?

SyncPad enables users to easily create, collaborate and share documents in real-time with anyone, anywhere, and allows ideas to be shared with tens of people as easily as with one.

Users can move between images and multi-page PDFs with a thumbnail view, annotating and drawing on them as though they were on an office whiteboard.

How does it work?

SyncPad transforms any mobile device or browser into a virtual whiteboard for real-time collaboration. Files can be imported from cloud-based services such as Dropbox or from local files.

Once a whiteboard is created, other people can be invited to join and draw or upload their content, which can then be edited simultaneously. Amends can be saved as notes or emailed directly to users. The ‘leader’ can decide which colleagues are permitted to upload and amend content, and those who are only permitted to watch. Password protection ensures SyncPad is secure.

Why use it?

By allowing teams of people to open and collaborate on documents simultaneously, SyncPad lends a greater level of interactivity to training sessions and meeting breakouts or workshops.

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