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The Cone of Experience

Edgar Dale's "Cone of Experience" (as referenced in our last Update) was intended to provide an intuitive model for the way people learn and purports to rationalise how much people remember based on how they encounter information. However, Dale included no numbers in his original work nor was it based on scientific research. He even warned readers not to take the cone too seriously! The numbers originated from 1967, when a Mobile oil company employee published a non-scholarly article in an audio magazine titled Film and Audio-Visual Communications.

However, whilst the cone has been scientifically debunked it is still widely cited, possibly because it does seem to ‘intuitively’ make sense. The more touch points there are to engage the audience the more information they retain.

At OSP, we strongly support this theory which is why all our services are interchangeable, our team multi-disciplined and our output multi-channel — ensuring we give your audience as many learning touch points as possible. E-Learning includes video and Q&A sessions, conferences include instant feedback, Twitter and roleplay sessions, and our exhibition stands offer delegates experiences which literally help them to see things in a very different way.

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