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location-based marketing

Location, location, location

Put simply, location-based marketing (LBM) is defined as the use of mobile marketing to target mobile users within a certain geographic area.

The technology behind LBM takes advantage of ‘geofencing’, a software feature that uses triggers to send alerts when a device crosses a pre-defined geographic boundary. The goal of LBM, as with any marketing initiative, is to capture the end user's attention and turn them into a customer.

Typically, location-based alerts are delivered to smartphones through SMS text messages. An alert may include information about a local business' deal of the day or include a purchasing incentive, such as a discount code. Research from GSW Worldwide shows that 62% of consumers share local deals with friends and that 57% are more likely to engage with location-based advertising. LBM clearly provides an ideal means of bridging the gap between online and physical customer experiences — and also promotes impulse purchases.

So how can OSP’s clients take advantage of LBM? Location-based marketing can be used at trade shows, congresses or any event where your customers gather in the same geographic location. If delegates opt in, messages can be pushed out to encourage booth footfall, symposia attendance and give VIP access to events. To find just how you might benefit from LBM give us a call.