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training without travel

Training without travel — the cost efficiencies of the virtual classroom

With companies almost universally looking to cut costs associated with work travel, the value of delivering training to a remote audience through virtual real-time sessions has never been higher.

Webinars offer the perfect online and interactive platform to deliver educational or training-based content to your colleagues. These virtual real-time training sessions offer significant benefits — reduced costs in terms of travel and time away from the ‘day job’, increased speed to market of training, and extended reach. Despite this though, many sessions turn out to be one way presentations with perhaps a few questions at the end, rather than truly interactive learning experiences that allow the audience to participate and share ideas.

So how do you make webinars more engaging? Our experience suggests delegate participation is key — to engage an audience you must involve them. Just as you would allow audience feedback and questions during a traditional face-to-face training session, a webinar delegate must have the opportunity to listen, learn and — crucially — contribute to a discussion via polling, Q&As, and other collaborative means.

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