Video & Digital Media

Our experience in broadcast television — combined with a thorough understanding of your business — allows us to put your product or service at the heart of the story.

We have in-house designers who can seamlessly integrate all types of media, including graphic design, 3D animation and live footage, to create unique programmes designed for any format — from conference halls to motion simulators and mobile phones to IMAX domes. Everything is created in our professional HD edit suite meaning we keep creative control whilst strictly managing costs. In the digital age, there is no reason why your messages shouldn’t be as ubiquitous as the devices that deliver them. Mobile and tablet applications, near-field communication and cloud-based content delivery gets you onto the screens and into the pockets of your customers. Our digital experts can advise the best platforms to reach your audience — and, if no off the-shelf package fits your needs we can create something tailored to you!